Virgin Atlantic Moves Toward In-Flight TV in Live Time

Travel News — By Ben Van Loon on July 29, 2010 at 1:00 pm

Virgin Atlantic has been busy lately. First they paint Dita Von Teese on the side of one of their airplanes. Next they send out SpaceShipTwo on its first manned test-flight. And now, they are talking about getting live TV on their airplanes within the next four years (just in time for the next World Cup.) With technology becoming as advanced as it is, it certainly is a wonder why nobody has yet developed the idea – so perhaps, yet again, Sir Richard Branson has thought of something brilliant.

Some of this news dates back a few years, when Virgin Blue offered a ‘live2air’ pay-per-view type programming. However, four years since, airlines like JetBlue let you view television without having to pay anything extra, and you can even get in-flight Wi-Fi on some flights, which can keep you connected with the world below, no matter what ocean you’re flying over.

Virgin is working with Panasonic on developing the technology (which will also involve broadband internet and its associated service,) and though they expect it to cost something, that something will probably be a lot less than current, similar technologies. Reportedly the contract between Virgin and Panasonic will earn Panasonic close to $70 million, and will employ their patent X Series avionics technology.

Soon enough, flying on an airplane won’t be much different than being on the ground, now that the air is just as wired.

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