Paradigm Shift: Study Shows Poles Prefer Wine over Vodka

Travel News — By Ben Van Loon on August 26, 2010 at 12:00 pm

The Polish Public Opinion Research Center, CBOS (or Centrum Badania Opinii Spolecznej) released a report recently (via Decanter) assessing the taste-buds of the good people in Poland, which shows they are shifting away from vodka as the preferred national beverage replacing it with wine. In many other countries, no other alcoholic beverage can compete with beer; but different classes of people have their secondary tastes, and for years, vodka has filled that spot– especially in Eastern Europe.

In 2007, vodka topped wine as the drink of choice (behind beer) with 24% of respondents saying they regularly imbibed, and only 20% saying they drink wine. 2010 numbers show a slow increase in wine drinking with 21% of those surveyed saying they enjoyed a glass; however, vodka drinking took a significant drop with only 17% claiming it’s their drink of choice.

The Telegraph suggests that part of the reason wine has become more popular in Poland is due to the expanding Polish economy, where people who used to not be able to afford wine now can. Additionally, the Polish public has become more health conscious and clearly sidled drunkenness for a more sober way of living.

On your next visit to Warsaw, plan on putting aside the Siwucha and picking up the Szamorondi.

[Image: telegraph]

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