Friday Siteseeing: Stolen Sheep, Hotel Quirks, Gambling-Inducing Carpets

Around the Web — By Amy Widdowson on September 3, 2010 at 11:11 am

According to bastion of all things true, Wikipedia, “Labor Day” has a bit of a bloody past that is a bit of a buzzkill to read going in to a long weekend. Instead, here’s a link to a Cute Overload post on dwarf bunnies and Dionne Warwick.

Let’s start with stuff from HotelChatter, who had a banner week – so many awesome posts!

  • Someone stole a little black sheep stuffed animal, which served as Mascot for the Custom Hotel in LA. They are now offering a reward for the safe return of “Little Pepper”. Hey sheep thieves, Karma is a cruel mistress… just sayin’. [Hotel Chatter]
  • In addition to looking TOTALLY kick-butt (anything with Steve Buscemi is wonderful in my book), HBO’s new show “Boardwalk Empire” is inspiring Atlantic City to offer hotel rates at $19.20 a night (GET IT?). Perfect excuse for a night of (prohibition-inspired) fun. [Hotel Chatter]
  • Every traveler has a list of hotel room quirks that really get their goat every time they check in to a new temporary abode – Hotel Chatter has rounded those annoyances up for us! Extra points for pointing out the gap between the bed and the wall… ick. [Hotel Chatter]

On to the rest of the web…

  • The next time you blow a month’s rent at the craps table in Vegas, remember that science says the carpet made you do it. [Wired]
  • If you’re reading this, you’re probably not at Burning Man – though you may want to pack like you are [Wired, again]
  • Next time you lose your luggage, be aware that it might be auctioned off and someone may photograph your skivvies for a website. The interwebs confuse me. [isthisyourluggage, via UrbanDaddy]
  • Need some travel inspiration heading in to your long weekend? These notes and photos from a Trans-Siberian rail trip might just push you over the edge. [Matador]
  • Speaking of inspiration, this AP photo of a child dressed as Krishna is amazing. [Gawker]

And finally, perennial LOL-inducer The Oatmeal reminds you of all the crap we put up with getting on and off an airplane [Warning: NSFPeople who don’t like jokes about gas].

Have a happy and safe long-weekend, North American dwellers! For the rest of the world, here’s to hoping you get just as much awesome out of your regular weekend. Please remember that even the hippo, while one of the world’s most dangerous land mammals, can be distilled down to a catchy tune and a GIF. Bless the interwebs.

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