Is New Hipmunk a Cure For Agony of Booking Flights?

Travel News — By spencerspellman on September 8, 2010 at 9:31 am

With so many online travel agencies and booking search engines, it can be difficult knowing which one allows you to be efficient, save money, and avoid extra fees all at the same time. A new airline search tool called Hipmunk may just eliminate those worries.

Developed by Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman, Hipmunk tries to take the headaches out of booking flights. In an interview with Tnooz, the Hipmunk founders describe it as a tool to find “reasonable flight options in a matter of minutes,” rather than taking hours to find the right flight buried deep within search result pages. Hipmunk uses Orbitz data to provide flight results.

The home page is simple, consisting primarily of a search box to choose dates, and departure and arrival cities. In the Tnooz interview, the founders describe the results that travelers receive as intuitive with sorting that other search tools don’t provide. The tool continues to be under development to make it a better product, but the founders hope to continue to reach “sophisticated travelers and web surfers” with Hipmunk. One cool feature of the website is the live chat option, in the right hand corner of the website. In a brief conversation with co-founder Adam Goldstein, he told me that users can talk directly with Hipmunk staff when live chat is online, or use it to send an email with any questions.

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