World Wide Rumble of Wine-France Down for the Count

Travel News — By spencerspellman on September 17, 2010 at 11:00 am

If you put all of the world’s wines together into a cage match, who wins? France hands down, right? Well not so fast. What could be called the Wide World Rumble of Wine recently took place, called the Decanter World Wine Awards. Surprisingly it was the English, and not the French, who took top honors in the champagne category.

Decanter, one of the world’s most respected wine magazines, hosted the event and reported that it was Ridgeview, an East Sussex winery, took first place for its sparkling champagne. The winery’s owners were as surprised as everyone else, to win not only regional honors, but then to also take international honors at the competition.

What may have been even more surprising than England taking first place in the champagne category was the Galilean winery that took first place for their Syrah and Shiraz. In the Decanter article, it discusses how surprisingly the Middle East has long been a major player in the wine industry, but has often been overshadowed by the traditional major wine producers. The Syrah and Shiraz winner has been a major producer of Israeli wine and has been in the wine-making business since 1890.

[Photo courtesy of wineawards]

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