New World Maps …With a Twist

Travel News — By spencerspellman on September 28, 2010 at 11:30 am

Ever wanted to know which countries make the most money selling ideas? How about which countries have the most Internet users or highest income? These and many more animated maps are available online from a website called Worldmapper. NPR reported that the animated maps that go beyond just showing you percentages and colors variations. These maps are a just a bit twisted– literally.

The maps have been developed by who you could affectionately label as “mappies”, from the University of Sheffield in England. Instead of just color-coding maps for example, countries with high or low statistics in essence bubble up or down. For example on the Internet users map, the United States inflates to be larger than normal, while South America significantly deflates.

Popular a few years ago, it appears these animated bubble maps may be making a comeback. It’s somewhat entertaining to view the diversity of maps and see powerhouses like China and the United States seem to significantly inflate and deflate on topics such as age of death, income and population. Worldmapper has even recently taken on the social space, and you can find them both on Facebook and Twitter.

[Photo courtesy of Worldmapper.]

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