Boeing Launches Into the Commercial Space Race

Travel News — By spencerspellman on September 29, 2010 at 11:00 am

How many of us as kids wanted to travel to space? Unless you are one of the few that took on a career to be NASA astronaut or have a couple million dollars to fork over to the Russian Space Agency for a ride on one of their Soyuz capsules, it’s a tough dream to realize– that is until now. Boeing recently announced the development of a new Boeing spacecraft, one that would give people an opportunity to travel into space.

The deal was reached between Boeing and Space Adventures— one of the first companies to have sent private citizens into space. With this deal, it will sell seats on a new Boeing aircraft that is still in development, called the CST-100. As AOL Travel reported, seats would be sold through Space Adventures, not to NASA, but to private individuals, companies, non-government agencies. As the aircraft is still in development, service wouldn’t begin until 2015.

The initial goal of the aircraft is to transport crews to the International Space Station for low earth orbit patterns. However, a select group of seats will be made available on flights for people and companies to buy. Wait just a few more years and you’ll get that trip of a lifetime of which you’ve always dreamed.

[Photo courtesy of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center]

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