Hotel Kicks Out Couple After Negative Trip Advisor Review

Offbeat, Travel News, UK — By David Chalk on September 29, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Adrian Healey, a 33-year-old Englishman who had just finished chemotherapy for testicular cancer, booked a three-night stay for him and his girlfriend at the 30-room Golden Beach Hotel in Blackpool. On the second day, the police were called and the couple were forced to leave the hotel with no refund. Healey claims the hotel manager “banged on the door and told us to get out, accusing us of writing a review on Trip Advisor.”

The hotel’s owners, Aheed and Adnan Sultan, admitted mentioning the TripAdvisor review, but claim Healey was kicked out for abusing staff and breaking a rule not to eat hot food in the rooms. “Mr Healey was being loud, aggressive and condescending,” the owners said in a statement through their solicitors. The Sultans also added they were unaware that Mr Healey had cancer.

The review that Healy alleged wrote:

Dingy room, very poor furniture, only 2 hand towels…Told that if you wanted the room cleaned you should leave door open…strong smell of curry from restaurant in the same building. Definitely DO NOT BOOK HERE.

The hotel also posted this response on Trip Advisor:

This man was removed from the premises for his bad behaviour. The hotel promotes a child-friendly behaviour and such behaviour that may affect the peaceful and friendly environment of the hotel cannot be tolerated.”

The hotel’s page on Trip Advisor shows 60% negative reviews out of 167 posted on the site.  Trip Advisor ranks it as 42nd out of 64 specialty lodging options in Blackpool. The owners must be worried about the reviews since they admit mentioning it, so it’s almost unbelievable that they couldn’t foresee the negative press that would come out of this.  Something tells me it will have a bit more impact than one more negative online review.

So far the couple still hasn’t gotten a refund, and the Blackpool police aren’t taking sides. A police spokesman’s statement:

Police officers were called to the Golden Beach Hotel just before 8pm … No offence had been committed by the couple, but the manager had requested them to leave the property. We advised the couple how to go about getting a refund. This is a civil matter.

[Images: The Blackpool Gazette/Golden Beach Hotel]

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  • nicoleclayton says:

    lol, thats really funny…

  • deezee says:

    The owners of this hotel must take their business for granted. If someone wrote a bad review about my hotel, I would try to smooth things out.

    Hotels like this are why the English loved the long-running television series, Fawlty Towers.

    The rotten vubes here would keep me away for ever.

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