NileGuide Sneak Peek: Zane Lamprey’s “Drinking Made Easy”

Travel News — By Zain Iqbal on October 4, 2010 at 6:00 am

Does Zane Lamprey, best known as the host of the popular travelogue/bar-hopping television series Three Sheets, have the perfect job? It’s possible. For the last four years Zane has been on a bender– hopping from country to country, crawling from pub to wine bar to distillery, bonding with locals, and learning about different types of drinking customs, and sharing it all with his audience.  He’s gone shot for shot with locals in Moscow, gained membership into a fraternal order of port wine drinkers in Portugal, and learned how to cure a hangover in the Czech Republic– can anyone say stinky cheese and beer baths?

But beyond that, he’s shown his growing audience that just about everyone can become fast friends over a few drinks and some good conversation. Next week, the Syracuse native kicks off a new series on America’s relationship with alcohol on “Drinking Made Easy“, premiering on HDNet. Along with his drinkin’ buddy Steve McKenna and fellow comedian Marc Ryan, Zane will travel from Atlanta to Seattle to learn about mixologies that are unique to America, play some games along the way, and drink just about everything in sight.

Image: Zane Lamprey

Check out the teaser trailer for Drinking Made Easy, where Zane offers a preview (while holding a 7-olive martini between his thumb and forefinger) on the most appropriate way to chug a beer bomb or the best method for making watermelon vodka.

Want more? HDNet has also released a sneak-peek of the show, where Zane shows to both newcomers and die-hards alike what they can expect from the 24 episode series. Appearances by Pleepleus, Zane’s stuffed monkey and perpetual traveling companion? Check. Obligatory visit to an illegal tequila moonshiner? Check. Instructions on how to make the perfect margarita from the oldest licensed cantina in Arizona? Check.

Still can’t get enough? NileGuide’s own Amy Widdowson was lucky enough to catch up with Zane in a NileGuide5 in between his feverish promotional tour of Drinking Made Easy. He gives us the inside scoop on underrated destinations (think: Canada); bizarre road-trip drinking (think: insect-based shooters); and advice for travelers (think: it involves a bar?).

Drinking Made Easy premieres on HDNet at 8:30 ET on October 6, 2010.

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