Technology Twofer: Meet the GPS-Enabled Video Camera

Travel News — By spencerspellman on October 5, 2010 at 10:00 am

As technology has evolved, it hasn’t been enough to have a gadget that does only one thing– whether it’s an MP3 player that just plays music or cell phone that just makes phone calls or a hand-held video game console that just plays video games.

Freeskier Magazine reports about the ContourGPS video camera developed by Contour; a company known for their hands-free video camera devices. The gadget is the first of its kind to feature a HD video camera that adds GPS data . Contour has also launched a video community in which users can share stories, upload videos and track their travels. The addition of GPS to the video camera allows the user to tap into the power of tracking and mapping one’s adventures.

As stated in the Freeskier article, the ContourGPS taps into the power of mapping and video. The CEO of Contour, Marc Barros says his company’s innovation is somewhat similar to what you would find if you combined a flip video camera with Youtube and Google– adding an element to storytelling while traveling that hasn’t been done before. GPS can be used by the camera’s software in editing and uploading footage, and pinpointing a person’s location. The camera currently retails for $349.99.

[Photo courtesy of  Little Orange Kitchen]

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