Tips To Remember Where You Took That Travel Photo

Travel News — By Carlo Alcos on October 8, 2010 at 11:00 am

I remember my first European trip in 2004. I’d heard of the problem of forgetting where pictures were taken, so I took the steps to log all my digital snaps in a journal. For some reason or other, though, it failed me. I think I wrote down the wrong numbers, so when I started deleting the images they didn’t jive. In any case, I haven’t logged photos like that since. I do, however, keep a travel journal chronicled by date, so I can usually sort out where pictures were taken just by using the date stamp from the camera. It’s still not a perfect system though.

Consumer Traveler has posted this very useful article detailing solid methods to aid travelers in remembering where they took their photos. Besides the old school journaling method, they came up with ideas like:

  1. Identifier photos – pictures of location-specific objects, like street signs or famous landmarks.
  2. Using GPS – they’ve listed a number of ways that GPS can be useful in tracking your photo locations.
  3. Online gallery mapping – using sites like Flickr or SmugMug. But this requires your camera to have the GPS technology built in so it’s part of the image’s exif data. Alternatively, they list software that can add this exif data to the photo; of course, you would have to had kept track of where the image was taken.

How do you solve this common problem? Do you have any further tips to share?

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  • Jeff says:

    Well, I travel with a netbook so I regularly move my photos from my memory card to the computer, where I am fairly organized, putting photos in folders based on country and city/location/event. Of course, if you don’t travel with a computer you can still do the same thing, but using a USB card reader and a public computer to make folders on the memory card and move photos accordingly. Finally, if you keep a good record (journal or whatever) of where you travel, you can always match those dates to the dates on the photo files.


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