Delta Nixes Promotion of Gadget Jacket

Travel News — By John Curran on October 14, 2010 at 10:00 am

When you advertise a game-changing product, it’s not surprising that the industry most likely to suffer won’t be too keen on promoting the new product. Case in point: the Revolution Plus jacket –a new  piece of outerwear from ScottEVest with more pockets than spaces on Batman’s utility belt — is something you won’t find in Delta Airlines Sky magazine.

It really does resemble what Batman would wear, if he were skiing at Whistler perhaps. The shell jacket includes 26 pockets and an integrated network system, according to CubicleBot, meaning you manage all of the wires for your gadgets and keep them tangle-free.

At $200, the Revolution Plus jacket isn’t exactly cheap, and therefore it’s likely the company wants to market it to frequent travelers who will be interested in a product that allows them to keep their carry-on baggage filled with clothes and travel-sized toiletries.

Again, you won’t find it promoted by Delta, or any other airline for that matter that tacks on baggage fees. If you don’t feel like ponying up the $200 for the one jacket with 26 pockets, you do have another option. Layering your outerwear can give you a number of storage options for your gear, and you can always stow a jacket in the seat in front of you. Plus, you’ll be able to deal with the variable hot-then-cold-then-hot temperatures onboard the airplane a lot more easily.

[Image: ScottEVest]

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