What Do Facebook Additions Mean for Travelers

Travel News — By spencerspellman on October 19, 2010 at 11:30 am

As if it needed extra buzz, the media outlets have been all atwitter (no social media pun intended) the last few weeks with Facebook, which coincidentally rolled out new features about the same time the hit movie, “The Social Network”, was released at theaters. The latest changes aren’t so much in the way of redesigns, which always cause a stir, as they are additions of new elements, many of which have the traveler in mind.

According to Switched, The launch of Facebook’s new features came at a press conference by Mark Zuckerberg. Some of the additions were generic data upgrades, one of which makes your Facebook profile more portable. Facebook users will now be able to download their Facebook data as a zip file and put it on their computer, flash drive or other portable device. This will allow users, for example, to download their information and share it with people who aren’t on Facebook.

Amidst many complaints about privacy, Facebook has used the latest additions to listen to some of the concerns about it. What is probably the biggest upgrade is the addition of Facebook groups. It in essence allows users to create niches within their network of friends on Facebook and control who sees what. For example, if you had a debaucherous trip to Cancun and only want your friends that went with you to see the photos, then you can create a group and designate who sees that information and photos. As Switched reports, Facebook tried a version of groups previously, with few users actually using it, so it will be interesting to see how its new groups takes off.

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