Google’s Latest Product: Cars That Drive Themselves

Travel News — By spencerspellman on October 20, 2010 at 10:00 am

It seems like before one Google product can fall flat, they’re building another one with just as much buzz, along with the usual questions of whether it will be another bust. While Google got search, e-mail, and the Android platform right, some of its other products haven’t fared as well, such as the the Nexus One– but even those phones are going for a lot of money on Ebay now. So how will Google’s latest product — the cars that drive themselves — fare?

What’s little more than an adult-sized remote control car, Switched reports that Google has been testing this new product on a fleet of Toyota Priuses. Some of the cars have logged as much as 1,000 miles without the intervention of a driver. Launched by the creator of Google Street View, Sebastian Thrun, the robotic cars have been in product development for five years. This however, marks the first time the autonomous vehicles have been seriously tested.

Whether this new type of vehicle ever makes it into the hands of consumers remains to be seen, as it would be years away at best. As Switched reports, this announcement by Google proves they want to be at the forefront of artificial intelligence technology. For some, this is great news because they don’t have to miss a second of texting and can even do so while throwing back a few wine coolers. For others, it may make a ride down Route 66 all the more boring.

[Photo courtesy of Which Car]

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