NileGuide Exclusive: How the World Hails Halloween

Around the World, Local Insight — By Alex Resnik on October 27, 2010 at 6:00 am

Ghost towns, pirates, and abandoned places spooky enough to even give Casper a scare: yeah, here at NileGuide we’re pretty much all about Halloween. It should be no surprise, then, that our Local Experts — eyes and ears on the ground in cities across the travelsphere (otherwise known as “the world”) — are cluing you, the wary traveler, into the scariest, hauntedest, and downright monster-mashiest things to do in their destinations.

From Portland’s pumpkin patches to Prague’s posh pandemonium of pixies and poltergeists (phew!), check out these festivities for a taste of how parts of the world do Halloween.

1. Boulderites dish out the frights left and right on Halloween night.

2. As if Michael Jackson weren’t already creepy enough… catch a stage version of Thriller in rural Utah.

3. Cement-shod mobsters, ill-fated Cousteau endeavors, and deep-water mysteries get Lake Tahoe in the mood to brood.

4. LA’s seedy history is also a bloody one. Read on for a timeline of some of the City of Angels’ most infamous killings.

5. Maui’s Halloween party scene is nuttier than a macadamia.

6. No, it’s not what your ultra-liberal niece majored in at UC Santa Cruz. Underwater pumpkin carving is serious business in Key Largo.

7. What’s scarier than Mormons at your door? Perhaps Salt Lake City’s haunted houses.

Image: Go Amsterdam

8. Let your paranoia come out to play and prey on you at one of Amsterdam’s wacky Hallow’s Eve events.


9. Looking for yet another excuse to party in Spain? Madrid’s got you covered.

10. Edinburgh’s a hub of paranormal activity, hosting poltergeists, underground haunts, and witches’ covens.

11. What’s scarier than Halloween? Perhaps the idea of running a 10K in Switzerland in a Halloween costume curdles your blood.

We dare you to find more interesting and exotic ways to spend this Halloween. Let us know in the comments below!

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