Woman’s Smuggled Crustaceans Make Airline Staff Crabby

Travel News — By spencerspellman on October 29, 2010 at 10:04 am

Can we be done already with the smuggled animals? If it’s not snakes, then its crocodiles; and now it’s crabs. According to the Metro, a female passenger was busted when several live crabs were found in her suitcase. The flight was from China to Northern Ireland and the live crabs were discovered upon arriving in Belfast.

This follows in a long line of other passengers who have recently been trying to smuggle animals on-board planes. This includes a man who attempted to smuggle almost 100 live snakes onto a plane a few weeks ago. There are reports that a recent plane crash was the result of a live crocodile that was on-board a plane.

Animal smugglers like the crab-carrying caper can expect to find themselves in a pinch as authorities come down on the situation. According to the Metro, people who carry on-board such animals can face substantial fines and even prison time. Multiple reports of people bringing live animals on-board certainly makes you wonder, because it seems that though security is tightening at airports, more people are getting on planes with illegal items.

[Photo courtesy of WilsonB]

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