Tips on How to Never Get the Worst Room in a Hotel

Travel News — By spencerspellman on November 1, 2010 at 11:30 am

We all have the stories: it was that one hotel stay that beats all others; that one hotel stay for the first-time traveler that may have turned them off traveling all together. Maybe it was a wicked, smokey stench. Perhaps the room had been the location of a bachelor party and hadn’t been properly cleaned. If you’ve ever been nervous about which hotel room you may end up with during check-in, Eurocheapo has some tips on how to avoid getting the world room in a hotel.

The article discusses how they got stuck in the worst room of a hotel in Lisbon. It wasn’t necessarily the state of the accommodations, but simply that this was the worst room in the hotel, little more than a closet and that one room was probably given to travelers when there are none left. And Christopher Elliott shared a similar story on his blog from a reader who had stayed in Reno.

So how do you keep from getting that worst hotel room? Most importantly, it comes down to communication. Just as you want to come across nice and hospitable when at a restaurant to staff, so too, you want to do the same when reserving a room and communicating to hotel staff. As Eurocheapo discusses, the staff are much more likely to go out of the way for you and give you the best, if you’ve given them the best of yourself. However, even if you get a room that’s less than desirable, go ahead and immediately walk back to the front desk, but again, be nice in your requests.

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