Airline Passenger Pulls a Mission Impossible

Travel News — By spencerspellman on November 11, 2010 at 9:15 am

One of my favorite parts of Mission Impossible is when they are quickly able to create a rubber mask that imitates other people’s faces. Who wouldn’t want to be that sly and walk around imitating someone completely different? Although it’s a fictional movie, the same thing actually took place on a recent flight. Asylum reports that a recent airline passenger walked into a bathroom as an old man, and walked out as a young Asian man.

During a time of the year when airports are beefing up security measures more than ever, here’s yet another case of someone getting by the authorities. This wasn’t just an ordinary case of mistaken identity, but a case of someone who was able to alter their identity by decades, concealing themselves behind a mask, clothes and mannerisms of an elderly man.

The incident happened on an Air Canada flight in-between Hong Kong and Vancouver. According to Asylum, the man dressed in a brown cardigan and leather hat fit the appearance and persona of your typical elderly man, even mimicking the movements of an older person. Suspicions were first aroused when people noticed the man had “young-looking hands.” Authorities met the man at the gate in Vancouver and detained him. Evidently, the young Asian passenger had swapped passports and tickets with someone in Hong Kong, which allowed him to get through security. The young man allegedly pulled the stunt to obtain asylum in Canada.

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