Britons Becoming Scared To Explore Countryside, National Trust Addressing Issue

Travel News — By Carlo Alcos on November 12, 2010 at 7:00 am

The UK’s National Trust is worried that Britons are increasingly becoming disconnected with the countryside. According to The Guardian, the Trust is embarking on a 6-month campaign to explore the idea that Britons are losing touch with the outdoors. Director general of the National Trust, Dame Fiona Reynolds, is worried that with the pressures of urban life, a society is being bred that’s “less confident about exploring, less confident about going to places we haven’t been to before.” Furthermore, she says:

There is evidence that people who are brought up in big cities are scared and see the countryside as a place full of unfamiliar and unexpected things. It’s becoming this great unknown, alien place.

The Trust will be encouraging people to head to its parks, gardens, hills, and coastlines during its 6-month study. The main message is that quality of life can be greatly enhanced by access to nature. To learn more about the campaign, visit their Outdoor Nation website.

In somewhat related news… if you’re agoraphobic then maybe it’s best to just build your house with nature. The Columbia Daily Tribune profiled Wisconsin’s “House on the Rock” — a sprawling home built organically on naturally occurring rock formations and waterfalls. Alex Jordan began building the home in the ’40s, intended originally as a weekend retreat for solitude. But people kept coming to see the bizarre structure and in 1960 he had the idea of charging people 50 cents for a tour. He used this money to build more rooms and add to his collection of strange music making machines.

The house has since been sold to a collector and businessman. Alex died in 1989.

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