Travel Experts State the Obvious With Thanksgiving Travel Tips

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It seems like every year come November travel sites around the United States report a list of ” travel tips” for people going off to visit friends and family over Thanksgiving. Now sure, sites like are probably just issuing these press releases in order to gain a little traffic; we can understand that– but these tips should really be on your radar already. If for some reason they weren’t, well, then we’ve made a few adjustments to make them a little more interesting.

Book your flight early: It should already be clear that Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel times of the year. Your local news will cover it, your local paper will have a story on it, somewhere in your interwebs browsing you’ll find a headline that says “Thanksgiving to be a busy travel season.” Booking your flight early seems to be the smart thing to do, right? Here’s a better piece of advice: instead of booking your flight early, how about book three years worth of flights early? If you can safely say you’ll be traveling to the same destination for the next three years, it may be prudent to buy three tickets at $250 each, instead of procrastinating and buying one each at upwards of $600-$700.

Travel on Thanksgiving: Let’s face it, no one wants to travel on Thanksgiving Day. That day is reserved for sleeping in, last minute trips to the grocery store, trying to steal bites of the turkey (or tofurkey if you’re so inclined) when Mom and Dad aren’t looking, and snoozing in front of a boring NFL match-up featuring the Cowboys or Lions. You’d be better off flying out on Tuesday and leaving on Black Friday. This way, you can avoid Christmas shopping with your weird aunt and uncle and all your rowdy cousins. And if you absolutely, positively must travel on Thanksgiving, then make it a day to leave, not arrive. Remember, turkey = Ambien; therefore, squeezing into that economy seat won’t be so bad after 3 or 4 servings.

Want some more obvious tips? There’s no sense in writing a paragraph about each of these, because they should be hardwired into everyone’s brain by now:

  • Print your boarding pass at home, not at the airport. This can’t be stressed enough. No printer? Go to Kinko’s.
  • Avoid airport parking. Have a friend, girlfriend or boyfriend (or ex), anyone at all drop you off. Tell them you’ll buy ’em beers and pizza when you get back.
  • Use secondary airports. Big airports are more popular, and therefore are busier. Small airports are less popular and are sad that no one wants to fly from them.
  • Don’t pack a ton of stuff. You know you’re going to be sitting around the house all day, so you may as well just pack a pair of sweatpants. Better yet: just wear what you’re going to wear all weekend on the plane and carry nothing else but a small carry-on with ONE change of clothes.

Got any other obvious travel tips for NileGuide? Let us know, even though we probably already know!

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  • L.W. says:

    I like your twist on the usual Thanksgiving travel tips. How about these no-brainers?
    – Get to the airport extra early because security lines will be extra long.
    – Wear slip-on shoes to save time in the security line.
    – Don’t wear lots of metal accessories like belts and watches that will set off the metal detector.
    – Don’t fly Wednesday to Sunday during Thanksgiving week because those are the busiest travel days.
    – Be prepared: many flights are delayed during Thanksgiving, so bring books, videos, or something else to keep you entertained.
    – Build some extra time into your plans. That way, you won’t miss anything if you’re delayed.


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