Are National Trust Museums Undergoing “Disneyfication”?

Travel News — By spencerspellman on November 15, 2010 at 11:30 am

Have you ever been to a museum and wanted to explore an area past the velvet rope that read “do not enter”? Well now you may just be able to do it at National Trust locations in the U.K. According to the Daily Mail, the National Trust is getting a makeover to make their museums more accessible.

If you’ve ever been to a museum in the U.K., then you know that every part of it is very proper and reverent and visiting a museum has always been considered a refined experience. However, the National Trust has plans to cater to a new type of crowd with upgrades to their properties. As the Daily Mail reports, some of these new features include access to velvet rope areas, performing re-enactments of historical scenes and removing “do not touch signs”.

While this sounds like a great opportunity by museums, not everyone is pleased. The Daily Mail states that many people are calling the initiative “Disneyfication” and “intellectual slumming”. Critics see it as taking away from the intention of the museums and dumbing them down. However, the National Trust sees it as an opportunity to market to a new crowd of people.

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