Flash Mobs, the Next Big Marketing Trend?

Offbeat, Travel News — By Candice Walsh on November 16, 2010 at 12:30 pm

Flash Mobs keep popping up all around the globe, and they typically cause a social media sensation. You’ve got people busting a move to Feist in Toronto, Canada for International Dance Day, and entire concert audiences rocking out to Black Eyed Peas for a very surprised Oprah. Sometimes pillow fight mobs might take place — oh, the possibilities!

There’s even a group in NYC dubbed Improv Everywhere dedicated entirely to creating flash mob scenes, like riding the subway without any pants, or hosting a big mummy dance party in the middle of the city. (If you haven’t seen that video, you should.) It gets people interested, and it’s darn good fun.

So no wonder big companies like T-Mobile have picked up on the potential of flash mobs for creating some hugely positive marketing points. Just last week, they organized a dance flash mob in the middle of busy Heathrow Airport. Check it out:


But we wanna know what you think. Does the fact that such a spontaneous, outlandish mob is backed by a major corporation somehow make the whole event less endearing? Or will people pass this baby around the social media jungle anyway?

[photo: mattwi1s0n]

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  • Sonja Holverson says:

    The first flash mob advertisement I saw was filmed at Liverpool station in January 2009 by T-Mobile. The impact was huge and the human emotion of the uninformed was clearly genuine and the scene was very moving. What they did was brilliant from a marketing standpoint and their slogan “Life is for Sharing” which they are still using is very coherent with their brand. The making of the Liverpool event is fascinating. Even though they’ve covered the UK and the US with their flash mobs and the surprise has diminished, it is still a positive moment to bring a bit of joy into peoples’ lives that have experienced a lot of doom and gloom in the last couple years. The MP3 campaign was also excellent and brought people together for a change, instead of isolating them in their technology.

  • Aly says:

    These are brilliant adverts. I have a T Mobile acct but have never seen these ads on US television. Are they for the UK market only? I have actually watched these over and over and they leave me with such a silly grin each time.

    Seriously though, in these times of such depressing news stories it is lovely to see these, even if they are contrived for an advert.


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