Out: Snuggies, In: Wearable Tents

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on November 23, 2010 at 12:30 pm

Travelers are about to make a new fashion statement with the new “wearable tent,” a sexy poncho that doubles as your evening’s lodgings. Since the wearer’s gender is indistinguishable underneath the bulk of the poncho, we figure it’s a good way to avoid flirtatious advances from members of the opposite sex as well. Underneath that triangular exterior may very well be a slim, trim, athletic figure, but who can tell?

But as technabob points out, won’t you get wet while hammering in the pegs?! Is there some sort of ground sheet so you’re not left shivering and lying on cold, wet earth?

Just the same, it’s a clever design for the weary hiker, particularly when those obstacles arise. Unexpected flood blocking your route? No worries, just set up your poncho tent and sleep until conditions improve.

Maybe this product will have the same viral effect as the famous Snuggie, the completely pointless “blanket with sleeves” (a housecoat?) which now comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns…including an entire designer line. Somehow the cheesy marketing campaign worked, and one dude has even embarked on a “Snuggie Roadtrip.” There are Snuggie Flashmobs and a site dedicated to Snuggie Sightings.

‘Lo and Behold, there’s even a Snuggie Outdoor series, which we recommend wearing underneath your wearable tent.

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