Survival Tips If You’re Ever Shipwrecked: Spam, Pop Tarts and Lots of Playing Cards

Mexico, North America — By Molly McGonigle on November 23, 2010 at 11:30 am

Last week, thousands of stranded cruise ship vacationers were finally freed after three days of being stuck on the Splendor. Despite Carnival’s full refund and a credit for a future cruise ship, patrons seem to have a spoiled appetite for vacationing on the open waters.

One cruiser, David Zambrano, explained the senitments on the Splendor: “It’s not what you would expect on a normal cruise, of course not, but it’s — they’re doing their best. The crew is doing their best to keep everybody satisfied and make sure that they’re watching everything.”

The diet of Spam and Pop Tarts,  no air conditioning, long lines for phones all made for a dismal beginning and ending to what should have been an extravagant vacation. Zambrano also explained that his fellow patrons were listless and had to play cards to keep busy during the three days of being stranded.

John Heald, Carnival’s senior cruise director, said: “I have to say that the crew has been absolutely epic and I am so very proud of each and every one of them. One thing is for certain though. I doubt anyone onboard will ever, ever want to eat a sandwich ever again.” It also seems that Splendor passengers would never  want to board a cruise ship again.

If you were had been stranded on the Splendor in those conditions, would you want to use your free cruise credit?

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