Travel Challenges: Road-Tripping With Your Pets

Travel News — By spencerspellman on November 29, 2010 at 11:15 am

A recent road trip by a travel blogger highlights new challenges and adventures to your typical cross-country journey. Lisa Overman recently completed a road trip where she was the solo driver, but had plenty of company along the way. Traveling along with her was Lisa’s 120-pound dog and two elderly cats.

As the Kansas City Star reports, doing a road trip with animals presents its own set of challenges that are a little different than traveling with children. It’s not easy finding a pet-friendly restaurant that would host a couple cats and a 120-pound dog. Traveling in the summer heat didn’t make the trip any easier. It didn’t help either that her car broke down during the trip.

According to the Kansas City Star, Lisa depended on drive-thru windows to avoid leaving her animals in the warm car. This included drive-thrus at both restaurants and pharmacies, where she could both pay and pick-up supplies. The article went onto discuss important things to remember when traveling on the ground and up in the air with pets. Not all states and countries are so pet-friendly, so you’ll want to do your homework well in advance to make sure you’re well-prepared for challenges you might meet.

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