Famous Italian Hotel Closes for Winter

Travel News — By spencerspellman on November 30, 2010 at 11:30 am

Although there’s a lot of talk about travel increasing again, it’s no surprise to anyone that travel and tourism has been hit hard around the world. Many countries in Europe have been the hardest hit by the economic tumult of the last couple years. Hotels, restaurants and other establishments have had a difficult time keeping up. One of Europe’s most famous hotels, the Grand Hotel in Rimini, is no exception, as it prepares to close down for the winter for the first time ever.

Although it doesn’t necessarily take away from the gloom, at least the Grand Hotel in Rimini isn’t closing its doors for good, but only for the winter. As the New Zealand Herald reports, the Italian hotel will close from January until Easter. World-renowned, the hotel is an Italian national landmark and has housed celebrities and been featured in films. Most notably, filmmaker Federico Fellini has used it in several movies. According to the New Zealand Herald, the hotel had few upcoming reservations for the winter and had no choice but to close during the off-peak season. Plans for the closure are only temporary at the moment, with the five-star Grand Hotel set to re-open in the spring.

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