President Obama Greeted in Japan by None Other Than Robots

Travel News — By spencerspellman on November 30, 2010 at 2:12 pm

No, it wasn’t the scene for a sequel to the movie I, Robot, but the greeting for President Obama upon his arrival to Japan. Would you have expected any other country to welcome dignitaries with robots? Taking a page out of a futuristic movie, Japan used a couple of their robotic inventions to welcome people to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit.

As Switched reports, it seems that the futuristic welcome might not have been exactly what President Obama was expecting. It’s not everyday, or ever, that you’re greeted by a fembot. Photos from the event show the president being more than a little surprised as it would seem. There’s even video of Obama from the seat of a futuristic car, which is made by Toyota. The i-Real is a six-foot, one-seater, personal vehicle that  is somewhat of a cross between a segway and NYPD tricycle. Whether we’ll be seeing the i-Real in a Toyota showroom remains to be seen, but we have a hard time seeing someone like Shaq or Yao Ming fitting comfortably into the six-foot frame.

[Photo courtesy of Yoshikazu Takada]

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