Tourists Flock to Harry Potter’s Grave

Travel News — By spencerspellman on December 1, 2010 at 2:30 pm

Harry Potter is dead. It was a bloody battle, and when the smoke settled, young Potter had died in combat. Wait, did you think we were talking about the kid-wizard from the movies that rides around on a broom playing in Quidditch? No, we’re talking about the young British soldier who died in battle in 1939. As the Telegraph reports, his grave, located in Israel, has become quite the tourist attraction, drawing tons of visitors each year to the small town’s graveyard, solely to see the headstone of Potter.

According to the Telegraph, although there are few similarities between the real-life Harry Potter and the fictional character, the grave draws many tourist group. Located in the small town of Ramle, the town is predominantly known for its archaeological ruins. A few years ago when the town started getting inquiries about the grave of Harry Potter, they decided to start promoting it as a tourist attraction.

As you can imagine, the gravestone has gotten its share of press and photos. We can just picture some of the cheesy photos that people snap at the small graveyard in Israel. In the meantime, we’re sure the release of the new Harry Potter film will continue to draw more tourists to the site.

[Photo courtesy of Ben Sutherland]

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