Taiwanese Animated News Covers New TSA Security Measures [Video]

Travel News — By Carlo Alcos on December 1, 2010 at 4:00 pm

The TSA’s enhanced security measures are all the rage right now (yes, pun intended). National Opt-Out Day — a campaign to protest the use of full-body scanners — has passed. As reported here at NileGuidance, the campaign may not have reached as many people or caused as much fuss as was hoped, although the organizers dispute that and say it was a very successful endeavor, given that many changes were made to the security measures leading up to the opt-out day as a result of the campaign.

All that aside, perhaps the best (at least funniest) thing to come out of the whole debacle was this animated news broadcast from Taiwan:


It’s completely random, showing scruffy men with breasts and long blonde hair and a TSA agent escorting a female passenger into a private room after she refuses to go through the scan (where the music switches to a suggestive saxophone song and the agent breaks into a striptease dance). They suggest that perhaps down the road, passengers might be made to fly in the buff, and report that, as many say, “the terrorists have won.”

Now that’s fine newscasting!

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