UK Looks to Scotland and Morocco For Adventure Destinations

Travel News — By Carlo Alcos on December 7, 2010 at 9:32 am

What adventure and “glamping” have in common, I’ve no idea. But nonetheless, the numbers from the National Statistics Travel and Trade Report in the UK show that the English are opting for annual vacations closer to home, according to this PR web release. Whereas adventure-seekers have traditionally looked toward South America, Australia, and Southeast Asia for holidays in the past, these destinations have suffered a 20% drop year-on-year, while Egypt, Morocco, and the Middle East are seeing a 10% increase.

Ben Colclough, Director of adventure travel agent says,

We’re seeing more and more people who’ve been on a gap year, got a taste for independent travel, and now want to recapture that sense of adventure on their annual holidays. In the current economic climate, few can afford a two week holiday in India, SE Asia or Australia, so they’re turning instead to Scotland and North Africa for their dose of adventure. We are seeing huge demand for Morocco from former gappers and have experienced a doubling in demand for UK glamping holidays this year.

Also, according to the same release, anecdotal surveys of tour operators in the UK and France have shown that expensive food- and culture-oriented holidays declined in 2010, while no-frills vacations were on the rise.

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