Man Confined to Wheelchair Saves Sister in Snowstorm

Travel News — By spencerspellman on December 14, 2010 at 2:30 pm

The next time you’re stuck in a snowstorm and feel helpless, remember this story of the man in the wheelchair who helped save him and his sister. The United States have especially been hit hard over the last month by winter, with snow and ice that have severely affected travel. The San Francisco Gate reports about one older man who was stuck in the snow for two nights with his sister and pushed himself to the limits to save them.

According to the the San Francisco Chronicle, the 73-year old man and his 61-year old sister were stuck two nights in Oregon’s first snowstorm of the year. The two people had gone on a drive on a U.S. Forest Service road to view the fall foliage, at which point they were reported missing that evening when they never returned home.

After two days of not seeing any help, Howard Partridge finally decided to do something about it and go look for help. Partridge rode his wheelchair for three miles until a couple hunters found him. The couple survived by melting snow into water and eating snacks they had purchased before the trip. The hunters helped free their car and the two were then able to drive back home, ironically to Sweet Home, Oregon.

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