Couple Sets Guinness Records for Most Marriages, Honeymoon Trips

Culture/History, Offbeat, Romantic, Travel News — By Lia Del Priore on December 29, 2010 at 2:09 pm

Most of us think that just getting married once will be one of the biggest days in our lives. For Mark and Denise Duffield-Thomas, they’ve taken things a tad further and have gotten married 85 times in 6 months. According to the UK Mirror, six months ago the couple won a contest for the “Ultimate Job in the World” in Ireland and landed the sweet gig of official Honeymoon Testers.

What exactly does this job entail you may ask?  Well, Mark and Denise have literally gotten married 85 times in just 6 months in order to test out exotic locations for weddings and honeymoons.  To really check out both the highs and lows of this amazing job, the couple has created a wedding blog which you can check out here.  Posts range from wacky to sweet to sentimental. The job does have its downside; the couple had to give up their two sweet cats in order to hit the road and enjoy all those honeymoons.

While it isn’t tough to imagine hopping from spot to spot, testing out different restaurants, reviewing different hotels, and relaxing on different beaches, we’re wondering who covers the legal fees for the Duffield-Thomases (or Duffield and Thomas, on the rare moments they are single again.) Divorce lawyers definitely cost money; money that could be well-spent exploring the island of New Caledonia or exploring the markets of Vietnam, just to name a couple exotic honeymoon destinations ourselves.

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  • Nicole Reddick says:

    Hey thanks for this post, it was really interesting– I am amazed that it was even possible for them! And I agree.. totally the “Ultimate Job in the World.”


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