Ultimate Roadtrip Dream Car Born, Internet Included

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on January 10, 2011 at 11:11 am

Hyundai is making it hard to resist a sweet road trip with all your buddies.

The company has just introduced its new Blue Link system to the market, which has the promise of making your next vehicle a digital playground. GPS, entertainment, OnStar and even Internet…all you need is a kitchen and a porta-potty, and you’d never have to leave your car!

What makes Blue Link so special? You can start and disable the vehicle with a text message. You no longer have to worry about endangering the lives of others due to your texting-and-driving habits, because hands-free features let you send texts and make phone calls without touching your phone. You even get a bunch of anti-theft features like roadside assistance and GPS-enabled vehicle recovery.

But the coolest little feature of Blue Link has mass appeal for travelers: the system has speech recognition software to help you locate points of interest, allowing you to interact with the in-dash entertainment system. It’s kinda like having Foursquare wherever you go, but the only Mayor title you’ll ever have is the Mayor of Awesome.

Or if you’re looking for a little something without all the frills, GM has finally made OnStar available to most other cars…after 15 years of keeping it exclusively to themselves. Packaged as a rearview mirror, non-GM customers will be finally able to call Onstar operators for help or to track a stolen vehicle (or you can use the Bluetooth capabilities for the hands-free speakerphone, whatever’s more important). Unfortunately, it can’t do your homework or remote start your vehicle.

Don’t let the excitement of all this newfangled technology distract you from packing your other essentials, however. You’ll need your combination cup holder and iPod dock to keep you going!

[photo: conundrum525/flickr]

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