The New York City You’ll Never See

Travel News — By spencerspellman on January 13, 2011 at 3:30 pm

Many would call it the most popular and most visited destination in the world; and there’s a certain ambiance and experience behind a visit to New York City that you’ll find in few other places. Some of the most quintessential landmarks in the world can be found in the Big Apple, from Central Park to the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building. However, there’s a side to New York City that your typical tourist isn’t going to see and that’s the underground.

While many residents and frequent travelers to NYC may choose to travel by subway, many tourists choose taking a cab or even bus travel, if they have to choose a public transportation method. However, according to Gizmodo, a couple guys have taken to the New York City underground to highlight a side of the Big Apple that’s often missed by travelers and locals alike.

With just gloves, a backpack, and a camcorder, historian Steven Duncan and videographer Andrew Wonder took to the New York City underground. No, this isn’t a feature on riding NYC’s subway, but on the tunnels themselves. What follows is a dramatic 30-minute series, often filled with suspense and mystery. The video takes viewers from fully operational subway stations to the Williamsburg Bridge to historic stations that are no longer in use.


This isn’t just an amateur video shot with some eerie music. As an urban historian, Steven Duncan brings the tunnels to light by sharing history and stories during the video, mixed with a little suspense to make it entertaining. This is part of an on-going multimedia project he has done in multiple cities around the world. While a city’s underground might not be as eye-popping as its skyscrapers, we’d love to see more videos like this one.

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