Travel More By Tossing Out Your Soap or Shampoo

Travel News — By spencerspellman on January 18, 2011 at 4:56 pm

While we don’t necessarily expect this to become a growing travel trend, a young traveler has reported what he calls a “success” after going 18 months without using soap or shampoo. According to Boing Boing, Sean Bonner underwent an 18-month experiment, in which he only used water when washing up. According to the article, it would seem that if the experiment was of environmental, health, and financial motivations.

Success according to Bonner, was staying clean and odorless during the 18-month period. Bonner claims that since tossing out the soap and shampoo, he’s felt both cleaner and healthier. The article didn’t mention whether he used the same principle for washing clothes and dishes, which would have made for interesting case studies in and of themselves. Or better yet, not using toothpaste.

As much as I appreciate hearing the first hand account from Bonner himself, about how he didn’t smell during the 18-month period, I’d like to hear from people that actually came into contact with him. More specifically, I’d love to hear about his dating life. If it was non-existent, than I think that would speak for itself. Bonner is quoted in the Boing Boing article by stating: “What I’ve found over these 18 months is that I never even thought of the money I was saving.” If I was saving up for travel, cutting out soap and shampoo from my life probably wouldn’t be at the top of the list. What’s that, maybe $10 every couple months? While we’re interested in hearing about the benefits of going soapless, we’ll continue to stick to our Dove and Old Spice products. Plus, if the Old Spice commercials are any indication, using Old Spice makes you look good.

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  • Sean Bonner says:

    Thanks for the mention, however it might have been helpful if you actually read the article because your post is full of errors, and things that were clearly mentioned in the initial posts. I’ve been doing this for 1 year, another fellow named Richard has been doing it for 18 months and it was his initial article that inspired me. I’m married – so the question about my dating life shows you didn’t even read what I wrote. As does the request for verification from others, as my wife, friends and family all chimed in in the comments to back up my “no smelling” claim. Motivation wasn’t anything you suggested, those were benefits – motivation was that it just made sense and was worth trying – the thing that made sense was that our bodies didn’t evolve to need commercial products smeared all over them to maintain order, and that naturally should balance out our own pH levels without soap – something that doesn’t apply to washing clothes as our clothing isn’t alive. Mine aren’t anyway.

  • Zain Iqbal says:

    i was living in Uzbekistan a few years ago and it was during one particularly cold winter that the hot water heater in my house burst because of the deep freeze. i asked the landlord if he could fix it, to which he offered a typical Uzbek reply: “now? no way. too cold. wait till spring.”

    while i could take still bucket baths with water boiled on the stove, the water pressure in my house was severely lacking. therefore, i cut out soap and shampoo so i could be more efficient. it wasn’t until i caught some sort of ameoba that i was med-evaced to the capital and took my first shower 8 weeks after the hot water heater burst.

    full disclosure: to this day, while i vigorously scrub my head with water, i rarely, if ever, use shampoo. :)


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