Road Trips Can Be Unconventional and Inspirational

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on January 25, 2011 at 3:19 pm

More and more people are trying to break away from their boring routines in favour of freedom on the open road. Most of us make excuses to not embark on such a journey—others do whatever it takes to get there.

Take this dude, cruising down Interstate 95 in Connecticut, all while transport trucks and cars whizz past him at a terrifying 70 mph:


He hasn’t been identified, so hopefully he made it home safely. In fact, he looks quite at home driving on the side of a busy, busy highway, and doesn’t appear to be fazed by the whole thing at all. This got me thinking: what was he running from? And wouldn’t it be cool if someone did a cross-country tour via Scooter?

Turns out somebody already thought of that idea. A man by the name of Matt Eddy from Massachusetts is traveling from Boston to California on his Scooter, collecting money for his grassroots organization called Matt’s Place Inc. The charity helps to provide housing for the disabled while promoting community awareness and education. He also works to get disabled folks out of health care facilities and into their own homes. Overall, it’s a noble mission.

Actually, there are many other unlikely heroes doing cross-country road trips these days. Take Greg Staffa, a man who lost everything when he was laid off and became homeless. He then sold his remaining belongings to travel across the United States helping other homeless people. He hands out warm socks and coffee while mingling with the local homeless people in each place he visits, and checks in at shelters to see how the homeless situation is being handled.

So with all these “disabled” people out there doing great things combined with travel, what’s your excuse?

[photo: familymwr/flickr]

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