Bio-Dome 2: An Aquatic Hamster Ball With No Hint of Pauly Shore

Eco-Travel, Offbeat, Travel News — By John Curran on January 26, 2011 at 6:00 am

If you are too old, too young or too careful with your time to have ever wasted an hour and a half on the 1996 “cult classic” Bio-Dome with Pauly Shore and Not-Alec Baldwin, you won’t get the title. Which is fine, because you should still be excited about the Ark Hotel, a concept authored by Russians at RemiStudio.

If it looks like a glass-paneled slinky, there’s a reason. The entire thing is meant to be a completely self-contained ecosystem, using the latest in green building techniques. So that means that even the design is eco-friendly, as the shape allows for a minimum of building material, according to their website.

And the Daily Mail notes that the high glass content allows for a greenhouse effect, enabling rapid vegetation growth for those inside. Plus, well, it floats.

The structure is designed to be self-sustainable even if global warming causes sea levels to rise, with solar panels powering electrical systems and a pressurized air system in case of pollution or other environmental factors.

In case of earthquakes, the entire structure supports any jolts, and the plants included help to promote biodiversity and minimize oxygen needs from outside sources. It doesn’t have a price tag, but for now, file it under the “If you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it” category. And start saving, because we’d love to make a reservation!


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