The Three Cunard Queens Grace NYC for Second Time Ever

Travel News — By John Curran on January 26, 2011 at 3:45 pm

New York City hosted an event that is about as rare as Halley’s Comet: Cunard Lines docked each of its three largest ships in the city, only the second time it’s been done. The three are the Queen Mary Two, the Queen Victoria, and the Queen Elizabeth.

The three each have names that are well known in the luxury liner world, with several generations of ships named Queen Mary carrying passenger from Southampton around the world, often including New York City. The newest of the Cunard liners is the Queen Elizabeth, but it was a special day for the QM2, which made its first trip to New York City, according to the Daily Mail.

While the three were in New York City, their size and the number of passengers aboard made it difficult for them to all use the same facilities. So the Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth docked at Manhattan and the Queen Mary 2 set sail from Brooklyn, after all three received a firework salute (seen in the photo).

However, it also means that booking a slot on the ships could be difficult for the next several months. Cunard officials noted that the ships were fully booked, and all have set sail for multi-month tours for their passengers.

Feature Image: Cunard Press Room

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