Norway Number One in Quality of Life, Tech-Savviness

Travel News, Travel Style — By Zain Iqbal on February 4, 2011 at 2:14 pm

When it comes to smartphones these days, if you’re somewhere between a Luddite and a technophile then you’re probably doing OK. You’ve managed to download a few cool apps like Hipstamatic, Angry Birds or the Kindle and you may have used Yelp and Google maps to find a good restaurant to take that special someone out. Beyond that, “jail-breaking” still refers to a convict busting out of prison and “tethering” vaguely reminds you of either the elementary school playground or that scene in Napoleon Dynamite (at least, it does to me).

However, if you manage to travel to Norway, you’re going to have to step up your game– at least when it comes to hotel stays. Read Write Web recently posted an article on a hotel chain in Norway that has completely automated their check-in process, from securing a reservation, to getting a room key and managing room preferences, all the way to checking out. According to the article, a senior VP of Nordic Choice Hotels said it was time the hotel industry played “catch-up” considering airlines have been using automated processes for a number of years.

Catch-up? Sure, not many hotels have introduced keyless entry, yet. However, leave it to the Norwegians to seamlessly introduce such a convenience into their hotels. And if you’re a Norwegian human worried about losing your job because technology is slowly but surely taking over the world, fear not: people who live in countries that are perennial front-runners in the Human Development Index aren’t likely to get left behind. So head to a bar, lift a glass of your favorite pint of øl and cheer “Skål to smartphones” and thank your lucky stars you live in Scandinavia.

Image: ClatieK/Flickr

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