Away From Your Valentine Next Week? Never Fear, Skype Can Help

Gear Guide, Romantic — By Zain Iqbal on February 11, 2011 at 12:56 pm

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday, and while most couples will be celebrating over the weekend, there is still that urge to hole up with a loved one on the actual day. Of course, nasty little things like “work” or “business travel” or “snow” or just the simple fact that it’s Monday may get in the way of any actual bonding. But you’re lucky– you live in the 21st century! You have access to awesome technological achievements like Facetime and GoogleTalk, both of which keep that special someone that much closer. However let’s face it: Skype are pretty much the leaders in chat and they’ve got a ton of gadgets in the Skype Shop that can help you keep connected anytime you’re separated.

While Skype mobile is on it’s way for Verizon 4G LTE phones, and the Buddy Cam is a cute option if you don’t have a webcam pre-installed on your laptop, the cool gimmicks are those that make you feel like you’re in the same room as the other person. The Everyman HD is one of the sharpest, clearest cameras out there and will allow you to chat in hi-definition. All you need is a USB 2.0 port and a broadband connection (recommended.)

If you’re on extended leave from your loved one back home, Skype has some interesting, yet pricey, gadgets that will let you talk on the big screen and in hi-definition, and maybe someday in 3D! Both need to be used hand-in-hand, but if you wanted to invest in a Skype-enabled TV, you may as well step it up and buy a 3D Plasma from Panasonic along with their top-mounted communications camera. These things were originally designed for business video conference calls, but the prices have dropped in recent years, making them relatively affordable for the technology aficionado.

Need more inspiration to get connected? Check out this story out of Utah about an US soldier in Afghanistan who connected via Skype to see the birth of his new daughter.

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