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NileGuide Updates — By Zain Iqbal on February 11, 2011 at 9:28 am

One of the best ways to get recommendations while on a trip is connecting with locals who live there on what are the “must-sees” all while avoiding those tourist-traps, right? NileGuide certainly thinks so. We’ve got a vast community of locals (via our trusty Localyte community and NileGuide Local Experts,) all of whom are answering questions from travelers or digging around for the top (or even 10best!) restaurants, hotels, and things-to-do in their particular location. So what if you wanted to share these gems with your fellow traveling friends? That’s where comes in. is a social and travel networking website that uses a mobile application to let travelers download free travel audio guides and share travel experiences directly from a mobile phone. NileGuide is pleased to announce a partnership, which will combine our rich travel expertise with’s unique audio-based guides and social sharing platform. We’re kicking it off in a few cities such as our hometown of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington DC, to start, with other cities soon to follow.

So, how exactly will it work? If you’re wandering around Washington DC and wondering what that large white obelisk in the middle of that vast grassy lawn just across the street from that gorgeous mansion with the white pillars, Hummba will happily “activate” (based on your location) and tell you that you’re staring at the Washington Monument on the National Mall, across Constitution Avenue from the White House. NileGuide will provide additional content such as nearby sights, places to eat and stay and much more locally-curated information. It’s like your own personalized walking tour on your smartphone!

To get the mobile app, check out the iTunes store (for iPhone users) or search the Android Marketplace on your phone.

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