Aussie Couple Visits Welsh B&B, Fall In Love and Don’t Leave

Travel News — By Carlo Alcos on February 28, 2011 at 9:33 am

We definitely know what it’s like, to go somewhere with the intention of only a brief stay, to fall in love with the place, and stay for longer than intended. So yeah, we know how Australian couple, Chris and Sally Allison, felt when they visited a north Wales B&B and decided to stay for a year. As reported by the Daily Mail, the pair intended to base themselves out of London for a year-long tour of Europe, but fell in love with the family-run Barratt’s of Tyn Rhyl bed and breakfast in north Wales. The b&b is the oldest building in the small seaside town of Rhyl.

The owners, David and Elvira Barratt, have become like family, even getting an invite to the Allisons’ daughter’s wedding in Italy. Despite not being in a central location like London for their exploring, they are quite happy where they are, stating they are used to traveling long distances at home. The Barratt’s have been live-in tour guides for them too, showing them plenty of local sights – now that’s immersion!

[Image: kirstyhall / Flickr]

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