Hotels: The Next Trend to “Pop-Up”

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on March 2, 2011 at 10:44 am

All puns aside, businesses and organizations have been making use of pop-up spaces for a few years, but the marketing practice has only been gaining popularity lately. What is a pop-up space, you ask? It’s a temporary location for a business to to grab the attention of customers and engage viewers.

The most common pop-up space over the past few years has been geared towards stores. Some brand names like Target will sweep in like a hurricane at a pop-up venue to sell high-fashion at discount prices, and then flee the scene 3 days later as quickly as they came. Gap did the same as a sort of tour: they loaded up a bus and did a cross-country trip, stopping briefly at beaches and selling clothes out of their bus-turned-shop.

Pop-up spaces like the Openhouse Gallery in New York City even host fashion shows and other events, like art shows. It’s affordable, efficient, and is a unique promotional tactic. It fits the modern mentality of sell, sell sell. “DO THIS NOW!” and “BUY FOR A LIMITED TIME!”

Naturally, it only makes sense for the hospitality industry to hop on. In Singapore, a pop-up hotel has been built around the city’s Merlion statue on the quay of Marina Bay. It’s a single-suite hotel, and it’s just in time for the Singapore Biennale (starting March 13).

The hotel designed by Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi is a perfect example of how pop-up installations can do wonders for artists. Tours are available throughout the day, but seeing as how the hotel is only open from April 4 to May 5, visitors are only allowed one night accommodations for an affordable $118.

Genius, right? Get in, get out, spread the good word, commission more pieces from Tatzu Nishi. Artists, take note.

[image: flickr/sektordua]

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