Special Report: 25 Places to See Before They Change Forever

Featured, Local Insight, Travel Tips — By Alex Resnik on March 8, 2011 at 6:00 am

8. Tokyo’s Tsukiji Central Fish Market

Image: Alex Resnik

The Wow: Fresh fish flopping on dripping trays of ice; sea bream, red snapper, and mackerel; men in knee-high galoshes loading crates of just-out-of-the-bay squid; buyers and sellers yelling in a fast clip, adjusting the world’s tuna prices as they go. This is a sea-foodie’s bazaar for everything aquatic and edible.

Why Now? Government officials are planning to relocate the market from its current home in Tsukiji. To date, as these same officials plan for the move, they aren’t talking about preserving the old traditions or spectacle of the current Tsukiji site. Instead, they are planning to computerize the famous tuna auctions.

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  • tasha says:

    I wish there was an easier way to see the list than clicking on page numbers on bottom of the page.
    I gave up after no6. :-( A ‘next’ button would be so nice. Or scrolling down.

  • Amy Widdowson says:

    Hey Tasha!
    Totally hear you on the next button – we’re filing an enhancement on the pages and hope to have it fixed soon. Thank you so much for your feedback!
    – Amy

  • Asa Gislason says:

    Great special report, lot of good travel ideas. Also a bit sad reading, as it is usually we humans that are changing things… often irrevocably.

    A world without the mountain gorillas is unbearable thought, and there are too many fragile ecosystems already under threat. Your report highlights what a beautiful planet we live on, but also how badly we are treating it.


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