Sexy Pat-Downs and Naked Ladies With Poodles: Are TSA Protests a Fad?

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on March 11, 2011 at 8:00 am

This week, Gadling published a round-up of 10 crazy videos and photos of TSA extreme: organized protests, and other people making a point. Of particular interest are the naked folks in Germany, and the 52-year-old lady decked out in her underwear sitting in a wheelchair with a poodle in her lap.


I know, unbelievable, right? She’s 52!

In an interview, the nearly-nude protester Tammy Banovac said she pulled the whole thing off because of an awkward and uncomfortable experience she had while going through security in the past.

People are fed up with the TSA. This is nothing new. Banovac didn’t get penalized, nor did the other rebels shown in the Gadling article (as far as we know). This is because the TSA doesn’t actually say anything about showing up at the airport in your underwear or swim wear…as long as you’re not showing your genitals, apparently it’s okay. In the case of Banovac, TSA agents merely placed families in a different line-up. Because surely a strip-search is less traumatizing than a near-nude lady in a wheelchair.

But how far is too far? Are these sort of “shocking” protests actually helping the cause, or just pissing off the TSA even more? A pornographer and sex worker by the name of Furrygirl opted for the patdown by the TSA and showed up at the airport in see-through black panties and a sheer camisole. She filmed (or attempted to film) the whole thing. In the video, she says she wants to “try and enjoy this experience” rather than giving in the TSA scare tactics.

While freedom of speech is important, and Gadling’s videos and images are hilarious and mostly tactful, please be considerate. No one wants to see your [redacted].

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