Gadling Lets You Air Your Hotel Grievances, March Madness Style

Travel News — By Amy Widdowson on March 14, 2011 at 3:06 pm

Our dear friends over at Gadling have been listening – they hear (well, digitally) every time you moan about resort fees, expensive minibars, and the fact that you can’t figure out how to use the darn remote. They feel your pain, which is why they are giving YOU the chance to determine the Number 1 Accommodation Pet Peeve, as a part of their March Hotel Madness.

In keeping with March’s “put every part of your life into some kind of competitive bracket” spirit, they’ve rounded up the Top 16 tweeted hotel grievances, and they want you to determine the hotel-related thing most likely to make you scream, not unlike the lovely young man in the photo below.

So head on over to Gadling and check it  out – if you don’t vote Expensive Wi-Fi as the worst thing, I may never speak with you again. Promise.

Disclaimer: The author of Hotel Madness is a friend, and we’ve written about him before. We’re also pretty sure this idea couldn’t have come from anyone else’s sick brain.

Images: lovemytours, mdanys

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