Road Trip Across Australia Costs Less Than $15 Thanks To Green Tech

Travel News — By John Curran on March 21, 2011 at 12:54 pm

We’re all for traveling light, but this German pair really took it to the extreme.  They recently made it across 5,000 kilometers of the Australian outback in car called the “Wind Explorer”, running on only $15 of electricity for the entire trip. That’s roughly the distance from New York to San Francisco for the cost of a taxi.

The car weighed less than 200 pounds and was powered by an electric motor and sails. When needed, it reached speeds of just under 60 miles per hour, according to TVNZ.

“It’s great to see how lightweight construction and lithium-ion technology can provide a response to the problem of global warming,” said Stefan Simmerer, one of the craft’s co-creators, on the project’s website. The pair, which includes Dirk Gion, also noted that the project shows the ability of many new technologies to work in extreme conditions, especially in the notably unforgiving Australian outback.

But don’t run out for your own Wind Explorer just yet. The car uses bicycle tires and sits very low to the ground, making for an exceptionally bumpy ride.  Even though it’s not ready for mass production, we love how Simmerer and Gion are showing that you can take advantage of wind and electric power without resorting to simply using a bike.


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  • Alankrita says:

    “running on only $15 of electricity for the entire trip. “!!! This sounds amazing! Kudos to the pair.Australia is all about wide open spaces, captivating red desert, dense rainforest, iconic wildlife and some prime beachfront locations…They must have had a wonderful time!


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