Instagram and TopGuest Partner for Photography Junkies

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on March 31, 2011 at 9:11 am

We can’t get enough of Instagram – it’s one of the coolest new iPhone apps for sharing iPhone photography. Plus it’s free! Users snap photos of their surroundings and share them with their followers, and they can also Tweet their images or share them on Facebook. It’s a great way to get your ego stroked by receiving compliments for your iPhone photography, plus it comes with a bunch of settings to make your images sexy and professional looking.

Seriously, some of the art created is unbelievable. Some people have even created real, live galleries.

Naturally, it’s already caught on in travel blogger circles, and some media-savvy hospitality businesses foresee the benefits. Here’s perhaps the coolest one: a partnership between Instagram and TopGuest is offering a way to earn free miles for guests of businesses that are members of the TopGuest program.

Image: Lance Shields/Flickr

TopGuest works by rewarding people with points by simply checking-in on your social media platforms like Foursquare and Facebook. And now they’ve thrown Instagram into the mix too.

Users can earn hotel points, air miles and more by checking in at one of the 10,000 locations that partner with TopGuest. Just link to them using a geotag in your Instagram photo, and voila! Further details are provided on the TopGuest website. Unfortunately this program so far seems to cater mostly to our American audience, and Virgin Atlantic is hosting a competition where users can earn 1,000 bonus Elevate points for their frequent flyer program.

Another interesting point: this dealio introduces a whole new level of transparency for how businesses work. Sure, they already know people are Tweeting and Facebooking and sharing pictures of their venues already, but now they’re actually promoting the act. Better hope there’s no dirty laundry airing anywhere!

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