The Women-Only Club: Some Hotels Say No Boyz Allowed!

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on April 4, 2011 at 10:20 am

A hotel in Brisbane, Australia has recently designated its fifth floor as “women only,” and even the staff servicing the 11 rooms are all ladies.

Portal Hotel was quick to recognize a profitable market: nowadays, over 40% of business trips in Australia are taken by women. Certain ladies also like certain frills, and Portal Hotel has designed their plush boutique to, well, play on nearly every feminine stereotype in the book. Fresh flowers placed bedside, fashion magazines, special spa goodies, and yes, even a minibar stocked with carb-free wine. You can request a yoga mat or a hair straightener, and the lift key is “cut to only the female floor” to ensure guests won’t run into any men.

Image: seanosh/Flickr

We have to admit, the service sounds fantastic. But what if some women want a good, carb-heavy bottle of beer or a copy of National Geographic magazine? And wow—what a way to use the scare tactic! Men are evil!

The hotel has already fallen under a bit of criticism for “discrimination against men,” but to be fair, these sorts of hotels have been offered for awhile. In NYC, the Premier Hotel in Times Square started receiving requests for better makeup lighting and healthy cuisine, so they reserved an entire floor for female guests in 2009. For them, it wasn’t about separating men from women, it was about giving women business travelers more flexibility and options.

Other hotels with similar plans include The Crown Plaza (with two floors!) in Washington and Minnesota, but their “female-friendly” floor in Milwaukee is also open to men who prefer the “female-oriented” amenities.

What else does this trend signify? More women are taking over top-level, powerful career positions. Way to go, ladies!

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  • Jacinda Green says:

    Love this! I think more hotels should follow the lead. It could be good for gaining profits!


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