15 Indian Pilots’ Licenses Revoked for Lying About Experience

Travel News — By Carlo Alcos on April 6, 2011 at 2:07 pm

Great. Just the news that every traveler wants to hear. First we reported about Aeromexico pilots failing sobriety tests, now it’s pilots in India reprimanded for lying about their flying experience. According to the Huffington Post, 15 commercial pilots have had their flying licenses revoked after it was found that they exaggerated their flying time during training. All the pilots received their licenses from an aviation school in Rajasthan.

[Image: Deanster1983 / Flickr]

In addition, four pilots were arrested in the last two weeks by police for having completely fake aviation licenses. The booming air travel industry in India is leading to a shortage of pilots, at the same an increase in private airlines. NDTV (New Delhi Television) has also reported about this trend, stating that there may be up to 4,000 fake pilots in India. Civil Aviation secretary Nasim Zaidi said,

In the wake of the fake pilot scare, licenses of 3,000 to 4,000 pilots are being scrutinised by the DGCA [Directorate General Civil Aviation].

One of the fake pilots, Kaur Gulati of Indigo airline, is alleged to have forged two of the three required marksheets to get her license. Captain J K Verma of Air India was another of those arrested. This news video reports of a DGCA (the sole license provider in India) official being arrested for accepting money to clear files. Pradeep Kumar was the assistant director of licensing for two years. The allegation is that he took 25,000 rupees for each cleared file.

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